Elevate Your Wooden Projects: Technique Tuesday Series

Elevate Your Wooden Projects: Technique Tuesday Series

Hammer and Stain blog series:

 “Technique Tuesday. ” 

Have you ever seen us post a project you love and thought:

"How did they paint that?"

Well, you are in luck! Each Tuesday this summer we will be releasing a new blog post focused on one background technique for you to create on your next Hammer & Stain project!.  We will be covering all the how-to’s with each technique as well as exploring some of the design elements that go into each background. 

With our busy fall and holiday seasons approaching we thought this would be an excellent way to prepare you to come in to make an amazing project without the added stress of trying to lean an entire technique on the fly the night of your workshop. 

We post some photos of amazing projects with your not so ordinary backgrounds.  And we know we have makers coming into the studio wanting to recreate that same type of look. So check out some of our upcoming blog post before your workshop and be ready to create the project of your dreams!

Check out our anticipated schedule of techniques below.  Then come back each Tuesday from June through August and learn how to create that amazing background for your next Hammer and Stain project!


June 13 Coastal Charm:
 For our first blog post we begin with a summer and hometown collection favorite as we explore adding coastal charm to your background. Using weathered beachy tones and soothing blues, you will learn how to create a coastal-inspired backdrop for your wooden projects. This background will cover, distressing, and layering techniques.
Coastal Background painting techniques. Layered blues and white distressed paint on a stained background.

June 20 Don't Be Distressed:
There are so many different types of distressed background techniques.  From physical distressing, to a painted chippy look, to adding some grungy texture it is hard to decide which one we like best!  Distressing adds both age and charm to your finished project.  We'll explore different distressing methods, such as layering multiple coats of paint, sanding techniques, and distressing the edges for an authentic aged appearance.
Linen textured distressed blue and white painted background.

June 27 Ombré Enchantment:
 The ombré background technique is the one you are going to want to use to create those soft gradients, or that amazing sunset for your Hammer & Stain project.  This week we will be examining the process of blending different shades of paint to create a seamless transition of colors.  This technique is not just for backgrounds!  
painted wood background using only red, yellow and blue to achieve a rainbow gradient.
July 4 Is Stain giving you Pains?
Stain is the #1 choice for backgrounds on many of our Hammer and Stain Projects. Achieving a flawless streak free look will be amazingly easy for you after this blog! 

July 11 To Wash or Not To Wash:
Washed furniture is extremely popular right now, and we have been asked countless time how to achieve that bleached wood look on one of our Hammer & Stain projects. This week we will be looking at different types of washes that can be added to your project and the different effects they can achieve. 

July 18 Don’t Be a White Washout!:
Think achieving a plain white background sounds simple? It is actually the hardest background to paint!  This week we will be letting you in on all of the secrets of our preferred method for painting white backgrounds on porch leaners and doorhangers. We'll guide you through the steps of techniques for layering and blending colors. Avoid the hassle of creating a stark washed out white background with this simple technique.
Warm white painted background.
July 25 Dry Brushing:
 Discover how this simple yet effective method can add texture, depth, and dimension to your wooden backgrounds.
Dark gray painted background with white and black dry brush over top.

August 1 Oh What A Relief:
Explore the intriguing world of resist techniques. Learn how to create stunning backgrounds using various materials that resist paint, resulting in unique patterns and designs. We'll introduce you to different types of resist materials and show you how to incorporate them into your wooden projects.
Layered and distressed painted background with red, white, teal and brown paint.

August 8 It's Geometric! Boogie Woogie:
 Discover how to create sharp lines and bold designs for your next Hammer & Stain project. You don't always need a stencil to achieve a very striking look!

August 15 You Used What?
It may be a shocker, but we don't always use a brush or sponge to paint! 

August 22  Something Old from Something New:
Love the look of the patina on an old trucks? Or perhaps that lovely blue-green shade of aged copper? Learn how to add age and natural character to your Hammer & Stain project. We will be delving into the world of antiquing this week. From weathered looks to creating a great patina finish adding a little bit of age to your new project can make it simply spectacular. 
Old Rusty Truck Patina painted background image

August 29 Colorful Abstracts:
Our final blog post in this series will explore the world of colorful abstract backgrounds. Full of bold and vibrant colors, expressive brush strokes, and playful patterns this type of background can be a showstopper if done right!. We'll provide tips on creating a pleasing color pallet and creating abstract backgrounds that become works of art in themselves.

 Colorful stripped painted background

Whether you're one of our seasoned makers or just a beginner looking to make your first Hammer and Stain project, this series is designed to inspire and guide you through creating a variety of background techniques. Try incorporating one of these techniques into your next Hammer and Stain project and make your project even more spectacular!

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