Private Party Project Options

We have picked the best of the best from all of our collections to offer you a simple one step solution for your Private pARTy! Featuring our best selling projects and designs we have put together this great selection of Party Options for you to choose from.

Custom Design

Summer pARTy Mix

WE have preselected all of the best designs and projects and created this fun Summer pARTy mix!

Summer Party Mix

Private Party Project Options

The Entertainment pARTy Mix

Have a group that loves to party or entertain? Then this pARTy mix is just perfect for your group!

The Entertainment pARTy Mix

Private4 Party Project Options

The Decorator pARTy Mix

Looking for some amazing home décor options to offer at your pARTy? Then this is the pARTy mix for you!

Decorator Party Mix

Private Party Project Options

A little bit of this a little bit of that pARTY Mix

Got an eclectic group? We have added our best selling projects paired with our best selling designs to this pARTy mix!

This and That Party Mix

Private Party Project Options

Home Sweet Home pARTy Mix

This pARTy Mix is chock full of items that celebrate your Carolina or Home Town Pride!

Home Sweet Home Mix