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03/15 No School Mini Camp

03/15 No School Mini Camp

Hammer and Stain North Charleston

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We are going to have an egg-stra-ordinay time at this mini camp!  Check back soon to see the project choices!!

How to Register

1. Choose a Camp Session from the Drop Down Menu.

2. Fill out the required information about your camper.

3. Add to Cart

4. Agree to the waiver during the check out process.

5. Select Local Pick up as your shipping option since this is a camp at the Studio!

What to wear and bring?

We like to get messy at camp! Be sure to dress your camper in comfortable clothes that may have the potential to get messy or ruined. We will provide campers with aprons to wear during craft and science activities at camp, but paint and messes happens! Be sure to not send your camper wearing their favorite tee or jeans, or band new shoes!!

And speaking of shoes, we like to play games at camp, be sure to send your camper in shoes that will be appropriate for large group games as well as indoor and outdoor. We prefer no flip-flop style shoes at camp!

Week long campers will receive a water bottle for use at camp and to take home at the end of the week. Day campers will be given a bottle of water and can refill this bottle or ask for another when empty.

Camp Rules

We have just 5 rules for our camp! We call them our "Camp High 5"

Rule 1: Respect

Remember the Golden Rule and always treat each other with kindness and respect! This is our MOST important rule. If we always treat each person with respect we will all have an amazing time at camp!

Rule 2: Buddy Check

It is rule number 2 cause it takes one, two people to make a buddy! Camp is always more fun when you have a special buddy to experience camp with. If you don't have a special buddy attending camp with you, we ask that you make a new friend from all of our campers. During camp we ask that your treat each person with respect (rule 1) and treat each camper like they are your favorite buddy and pal. When we all get along as friends we all have fun!

Rule 3: Water

Rule three is for water, because 3 fingers makes the shape of a "W" when held up! Although we spend most of our camp program indoors, having fun is hard work! We ask that campers remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water through out the camp experience.

Rule 4: Do Your Best!

Always do your best! We we always do our best every one has fun! Even if a project or activity we are doing is not your favorite, it may be somebody else's! When we always put forth our best effort every camper will have a wonder experience.

Rule 5: Have Fun!

Rule number 5 we count with our thumb! Giving ourselves and all the other campers a Big Thumbs Up!

Camp Policies


If your child is sick or can't attend there are NO REFUNDS due to the planning and supplies of our camp. We will pack up any craft activities that we create for you to complete at home! We can, at our discretion, if your child will miss the entire week of camp and there is another camp scheduled with space available switch your camper to the next available camp.

Camper Release:

We will only release children to people noted on the registration. They must come in and sign out the child at pick up and we may ask for ID if necessary to keep everyone safe.

Weather Emergencies:

In the event of a weather emergency we will take all of the necessary steps and precautions needed to keep or campers safe!

Tornado: Emergency location will be the bathroom at the Studio.

Hurricane: When there is a hurricane watch camp will proceed as scheduled, We will monitor conditions and make changes as needed. During a hurricane warning all camps will be suspended until after the warning as been lifted.

Medical Emergency:

For all minor injuries we will inform the parents or guardians of the event and administer minor treatments such as band-aids and ice packs. If the medical event is more than a band-aid or ice pack will remedy, parents will be notified and called with information about the nature of the injury and will be asked to take your child for medical treatment. In the event of any major life threatening emergencies, we will call 911 and follow all directions provided for by the responding authorities.

If your child has and knows how to use and EpiPen we encourage you to send it to camp with your child.

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