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11/19 1:OO PM Nutcracker workshop

11/19 1:OO PM Nutcracker workshop

$82.70 USD

You will be the envy of the neighborhood or your next get together with one of these nutcracker, soldier, or cadet shaped cutouts! Make a new friend for the holidays, or pick the cadet pattern to craft an unforgettable present. As always you will get to choose your perfect paint colors.  Need a pink and black nutcracker? You can make it!   Want to give your fellow some amazing rainbow hair? YUP, you can do that too.  You are only limited by your creativity!

These do take a few hours to whip up so here are the details:

We cut each project by had so you will need to place your order by 8:00 pm on Nov 17th so that we have time to prepare your project.

Your project will measure about 12x14 inches.

Your project  will come with your background pre-painted a light gray and your stencil already applied.

You can begin to make color selections as soon as you arrive and get started.

These projects are a little more challenging than our usual project and can take up to 4 hours to complete...especially if you choose red as your most dominate color. This is also not a great first project to try, but if you are up for the challenge we would love to have you join us!


How to Register

1. Choose a Design from the Drop Down Menu.

2. On the personalization form, enter any personalized data needed to prepare your stencil.

3. Select quantity and add to cart,

4. Agree to the waiver during the check out process.

5. Select Local Pick up as your shipping option if you are attending a workshop.

Can I make a change to the design?

Yes, you can! Simple substitutions of words with in the shown design and layout can generally be made at no additional charge. However, significant changes to our standard designs or special requests for a new design are considered custom and must be pre-approved. Significant changes should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the workshop to ensure we have time to develop the design. If the design is approved your custom design will incur and additional charge of $25.

What to wear and bring?

Wear comfortable clothes to the workshop. We will provide you with aprons to wear during your workshop, but paint happens! Be sure to not wear your favorite tee or jeans.

You may bring food, beer or wine (21+ guests) to snack on or share with your friends or family during the workshop.

Workshop Expectations

This is a WOOD workshop. Your sign will have cracks, chips, knot and other natural blemishes that give wood its distinctive characteristics. Some peeling may occur during the process, We will do our best to minimize disturbances to the words and make everything look intentional. Please keep in mind that no sign is absolutely perfect a it is handcrafted. Your piece will certainly be WALL worthy and ready for you to display in your home or give as a gift.

Workshop Policies

Due to customization at ALL our workshops, there are NO REFUNDS for workshops. However, if you cancel with at least 24 HOURS notice your project will be saved and can be completed at a future workshop or Open Paint session within the next 30 DAYS. Same day cancellations or no-shows will NOT recieve a credit for a future workshop.

$82.70 USD
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